Elephant Heads

One of the most striking features found at 11 former Burton locations is the repeated intricate relief sculpture of an elephant head. It’s unknown why an elephant was chosen. The number varies with the size of the building from two heads, through to an impressive 18 in Halifax!

The graphic below shows the number of heads at each location where they are found.

Halifax: 18
Chatham: 16
Weston-super-Mare: 12
Greenwich: 10
Wolverhampton: 10
Barking: 6
Oldham: 6
Streatham: 6
Belfast: 2. The elephant's tusks point outwards in Belfast!
Cardiff: 2
Swansea: 2
ModelCitizen plaster cast sculpture of Burton building elephant head

A wonderful plaster cast sculpture of the Belfast elephant is available to purchase from ModelCitizen.ie.

A 1/76 scale Burton store self-assembly cardboard model based on the Greenwich building and featuring elephant heads is available to purchase from Kingsway Models.

Kingsway Models Burton model