The table below lists all known locations, surviving and demolished, that have had some kind of Burton design feature, from foundation stones and window lights through to full Art Deco buildings. There were many Burton stores built before and after this period of notable design from the 1920s to 1950s but they fall outside the scope of this web site.

Click or tap a column heading in the table to sort the locations by that column, for example to see all locations with a heritage listing. Click or tap the location name to see a dedicated page with more information about the location, details of foundation stones, photo galleries, a timeline, and links to external articles and information.

A guide to the rating and condition columns is shown below. These are based on subjective opinion but are useful for finding the most interesting and most at risk locations.

Rating: 5. One of a kind. 4. Some unique features. 3. Average, common features. 2. Very little of interest. 1. Changed beyond recognition.
Condition: A. Well preserved or restored. B. Good condition. C. Needs TLC or has some bad changes. D. Poor condition or has many changes. E. Derelict, at risk, or fa├žade only.